Who is Andrew Ucles?

Are all Australians animal hunters? Probably not, but Andrew Ucles certainly fits that description. Similar to the beloved Steve Irwin, Andrew Ucles is an Australian who is passionate about the wild outdoors. His goals range from awareness for wilderness conservation to educating people about wildlife species and more. He has gained a considerable following on Youtube from his videos of him catching wild animals barehanded.

Andrew Ucles has an extensive knowledge of the environments and animals he works with. He catches animals barehanded and only restrains them long enough to talk about them before safely releasing them back into the wild. He has traveled to several places around the world to catch animals. The techniques he uses are unique and entertaining to watch. He has his own website here where most of this information came from. Check him out!

This video is titled ‘‘How To Catch A Kangaroo, Disguised As An Emu’’

This video below is a montage of some of his greatest catches! Enjoy:

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