Somewhere in the middle of the Southern Utah desert lies a beautiful oasis. At a far away glance, it can be easy to miss. It looks as though there is nothing but dry rock and as far as the eye can see, but upon further exploration, many great treasures can be found. Coyote Gulch is one such treasure. It’s tucked away right where no one would look for it, in the middle of the desert.

It can be hard to believe, but the canyon is lined with fresh water springs, and with them, comes life. Once down in the canyon, the abundant plant and wildlife is astonishing. There are very few places on Earth with this particular beauty, it is truly a world of its own. While traveling through and along the water, hikers are surrounded by breathtaking cliffs that climb upward several hundred feet. Deer, frogs, coyotes and much more can be seen here, along with a large assortment of insects.

To Perspective Hikers:

If you are planning on going to Coyote Gulch there are a few things that you should know first. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a quick list for you below.

  • Permit: If you plan to do an overnight trip, a permit is needed, but don’t worry, just click this link to learn more about that.

  • Poop: If you go to Coyote Gulch, be sure to bring something to pack out any solid human waste, this is one of the rules of the canyon.

  • While there are plenty of fresh water springs in the canyon, we’d highly recommend bringing a water filter or two, doing this made our trip a lot more convenient during the stretches between springs.

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