wim hof under icewim hof under ice

Have you ever wanted to swim in water that is literally freezing? Me either. But apparently, there are a select few who not only want to swim in ice water, but compete in it as well. A previous blog has been written on Wim Hof, or The Iceman, as he is otherwise known. He is famous for doing extreme things in the cold, particularly in cold water. But there are many people who derive some form of pleasure from venturing beneath the solid frozen crests of bodies of water. The environment is clearly dangerous. Frigid temperatures, nowhere to breath, a lifeless indefinite void between light and darkness. Perhaps it is the hostile conditions that attract these adventurous people in the first place.

This first video shows a man break a ice diving record, while he describes his experience and technique for accomplishing such a goal.

This short film below depicts a solo ice-diver swimming under the ice of a frozen lake. There is some fantastic footage around (2:00) in that show her from above the clear ice as she swims below it. The idea of swimming in a frozen lake alone without so much as a rope as a guide back to the hole sounds like an extreme adventure. Don’t try this at home!

This last one is great because the camera is above the ice the entire time. The ice is thin and clear enough that this guy is clearly visible the entire time.

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