Why avoid avalanches when avalanches should be avoiding you?

Snow nets on a mountainSnow nets on a mountain

Snow nets on a mountain

Avalanches are no joke, especially when they affect highways. If snow manages to reach a highway, traffic gets backed up and in many cases people die. This is an issue prevalent during the winter in areas of Canada, Alaska, and some of the Rocky Mountain area in the United States.

Avalanche bridgeAvalanche bridge

Avalanche bridge

A lot of effort is put into keeping traffic moving and keeping people alive on avalanche-prone highways. Some efforts include large nets that are meant to catch snow before it can hurt anything, or building bridges for the snow to glide over the highway while vehicles pass underneath. While these methods are moderately effective, they are not as certain or helpful as the tried and true method of just plain blasting the snow away with good old-fashioned high-velocity explosives.

The Solution

That’s right. Every year, there are people who go to war with one of natures greatest catastrophic phenomenon. They employ actual military-grade artillery equipment to send hot metal screaming up mountainsides, triggering those beastly tsunamis of snow before they can hurt anything. It is as Master Sun taught in The Art of War:

The expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him.

— Sun Tzu

avalanche tankavalanche tank

Did I mention they also use tanks?

I know, right?

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