2020 here, just wanted to reach out to the general public and give a couple hints as to what you can expect from me this year. As we go for another loop around the sun, I’ve noticed a lot of you have been setting goals, resolutions and what not. Good for you. Keep it up. But know this, it’s not going to be easy.

This year I plan on much happening. There will be moments of great joy, and others of despair. Times of great celebration for some, while others mourn. Yes, indeed, there is much to unfold. Each of you will have highs and lows, times that you feel better and times you feel worse. Many of you somehow believe that simply because I’ve arrived, you’ll magically obtain any of your so called “New Years resolutions”. I assure you that this is not the case.

It’s still going to be hard. Change doesn’t come cheap any day of the year. But I do have some good news for you. You have what it takes, you can change, if only you are willing to pay the cost. I’m not a boring year, there will be many curve balls thrown your way. You may think you know your path, only to be thrown from it. Or perhaps you feel lost, but this year you’ll become found.

Of a certainty, change will take place in your life this year. The question is, will it be a change you like? Will you become better or worse. Will the challenges you face make you, or break you. At the start of this new year I leave one message with you to help you along your way:

Don’t give up, and expect the unexpected.

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