What Is Extreme Ironing?

As if dangerous sports weren’t exciting enough all ready, people went ahead and threw large blunt objects into the mix. This is a sport known as Extreme Ironing. It apparently came into existence after a man witnessed his brother-in-law ironing his clothes while camping. Thinking the idea was absurd, the man began ironing clothes in strange places just to be silly. Later, groups would organize in different countries around the world and participate in what became known as Extreme Ironing.

The rules are simple: do something extreme, but while ironing.

The result is nothing short of entertaining. Extreme ironing comes in many forms, since, as many people have now proven, you can fix an ironing board to just about anything. Below is a collection of pictures from the internet highlighting the hilarious intensity and diversity of the sport:

But Why?

An article by The New York Times jovially describes the motives for Extreme Ironing by saying this:

Clawing up ice-crusted, razor-sharp mountain peaks can get a little boring. And dangling upside down from a bungee cord over jagged cliffs is, face it, rather ho-hum.

Whether it is the extra excitement, the trend-following, or the compulsive need to have well-pressed clothes, people around the globe have had fun participating in this so-called sport. Despite efforts from its founders, it will not likely be featured on the Olympics any time soon. In the mean time, people will continue finding creative ways to remove wrinkles from their clothes.

Also, there have been branches of ironists breaking world records for the most people ironing at once under water.

world record divers prepare ironing boardsworld record divers prepare ironing boards

divers iron clothes in a groupdivers iron clothes in a group

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