If you’ve heard of the legend Steve Irwin, you’ve likely seen or know about the infamous saltwater crocodile. These giant sneaky predators are some of the most feared creatures out there, and rightly so.

As if their many teeth and large size weren’t enough, these beasts have many more qualities that make them a top predator. From the worlds strongest bite, to the ability to sleep with one eye open, here are 5 facts about the saltwater crocodile:

1 - Bite Force

Salt Water Croc

It’s no secret that crocodiles have an unbelievable bite force, but just how strong is it. Well, according to a study by Florida State University, it’s a lot. In the study a crocodile that measured 17ft long had its bite tested. The result? 3,700 lbs. of pure force! 

To give you some perspective, that’s almost the weight of the average car!

2 - Salt Water Crocodiles are Nocturnal

We humans love to spend our awake hours with the sun up, for crocodiles, however, this isn’t the case. Crocodiles tend to spend most of the day resting in the sun. 

They are actually more active around nightfall. Crocodiles are already extremely sneaky, but the dark cover of night allows them to move about virtually undetected.


3 - Crocodiles Have Been Seen In Open Ocean

Beach from birds eye

Imagine this, you’re out on a fishing boat somewhere off the coast of Australia, all is normal, when suddenly, a massive reptile swims right by you! Sounds impossible right? Wrong! 

Turns out that Saltwater crocodiles have been known to spend some quality time out at sea, don’t believe it? Check out this article that explains how we know this: CLICK HERE

4 - Serious Brain Power

One of the reasons that the saltwater crocodile is so formidable, is due to its brainpower. When it comes to reptiles a high I.Q. Doesn’t exactly come to mind. After all, there are many other types of animals that exhibit much more intelligence. 

The truth is, most reptiles are pretty simple, but the saltwater crocodile stands out when it comes to brainpower. Studies have shown that these animals have sophisticated behavior and are capable of complex communication.

5 - Sleeping With One Eye Open

Sleeping Koala on Tree Branch

There is an old myth floating around that crocodiles sleep with one eye open, in truth, it’s no myth. Crocodiles do indeed have the ability to stay half awake. 

This is because they are unihemispheric sleepers, or in other words, they are able to shut half of their body down for rest, while the other half remains alert. Crocodiles aren’t the only animals to do this, as it turns out, ducks do it too!


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