There are those that surf, those that skydive, and then there’s The Flying Frenchies. Since 2008 this group has sought out some of the most unique and exciting places to base jump, wingsuit, and more. 

In short, The Flying Frenchies are thrill-seeking adventurers. In the years since starting up, they have inspired many by creating several films, short stories, and even advertisements for big-name companies.

Base Jumping

With out a doubt every stunt done by The Flying Frenchies is both amazing and wild. What sets them apart from others is the pure style they tie into their activities. From jumping from a flying surfboard, to catapulting off a cliff, they turn imagination into reality.

As if surfing and catapulting were not enough, there are times where The Flying Frenchies take things a step further, adding wingsuits to their stunts. Not only do they fall, but with the wingsuits, they can glide great distances, almost seaming to fly through the sky. If you’ve never seen someone wingsuit, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Slack Lining

By now, you are either impressed, or surprised that anyone would ever do such stunts. Well it gets even better. If there is one thing that The Flying Frenchies are good at, it is taking things a step further. 

Slack line’s are a perfect example. Much like tight rope walking, when a person slack lines, they walk on a thin line suspended between two points. Many people enjoy slack lines between trees, but that just isn’t enough for The Flying Frenchies. 

As always, they take things to the extreme. But don’t take my word for it, check out the videos below!


Learn More

To learn more and keep up-to-date with the Flying Frenchies you can visit their website or follow their YouTube Channel.

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