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The Sleeping Bag Bag

Anyone who has traveled in their life has likely experienced trouble with space for packing. Camping and backpacking are certainly not exceptions. Many can relate that the containers made to hold tents, sleeping bags, bed rolls, and so forth, are just too small.

Grain of rice worlds smallest computer next to sleeping bag bagGrain of rice worlds smallest computer next to sleeping bag bag

Climbing Rocks as a Kid

Kids are generally the rambunctious type. They run and play with very few cares in the world. Emotion and imagination run wild as they go about playing games and exploring new things. Many of us spent considerable time outside during our childhood. The world was our playground, and we treated it as such. Climbing rocks that would seem silly or unimportant today was exciting back then, especially when you finally reached the top!

climbing rocks as a kidclimbing rocks as a kid

Camping for the First Time

Did you overpack when you camped for the first time? You’re not alone. Perhaps, if you were young enough, your parents helped you pack your bag like what most our parents did for us when we were young. With all these new gadgets and tools, it isn’t surprising that a kid would feel excited and ready to pit their survival skills against nature, only to find out that most of their equipment is for emergencies. To be fair, those survival multi-tools are pretty cool.

5 in 1 impossibility.PNG5 in 1 impossibility.PNG

On Our Way to Go Camping

Dirt roads. Am I right? Whether they’re washed out, overgrown with vegetation, just plain rocky, or otherwise, its not worse than settling for a camping spot other than your favorite. The road less traveled by is the road to greater things. Add the boys in the mix and now it’s an adventure! We’re camping, so chronic back pain was already just part of the experience.

Camping on a Cliff

It takes a certain type of person to be brave enough to camp on the face of a cliff. It takes an even more exclusive type of person to camp on the face of a cliff with a full mattress. Of course this image is fake, but the idea is hilarious. Who thinks of this?

how did you sleep.PNGhow did you sleep.PNG

Hiking During Summer

Bring water! Summer is a great time to get out and go hiking, but it can get hot. Carrying a backpack uphill under the high summer sun is a great way to feel like this gentleman in the meme below. Stay hydrated out there.

hiking during summer.PNGhiking during summer.PNG

Rock in My Shoe

How annoying is it to get a rock stuck in your shoe? You immediately know that it is there, but most the time you don’t understand how it got there. Either way, unless you are super-human, you must inevitably stop hiking, climbing, or whatever it is you are doing so you can take off your shoe or boot and extract that pesky pebble. Careful not to get your sock dirty in the process! Only then do you discover that the source of so much discomfort was a lot smaller than originally thought.

the rock in my shoe.PNGthe rock in my shoe.PNG

Leaving the Vehicle on a Camping Trip as a Kid

Many of us got our first taste of camping when we were young. For most of us, the entire experience was exhilarating. The wild expansive outdoors were our playground, and the possibilities seemed limitless. While it is still possible to feel that way when camping now that we are older, as a kid it was almost always a given. After arriving at the campsite and leaving the vehicle, all we wanted to do was run off and explore.

Marshmallow on Fire

Were you this type of kid? You’re not alone. Something so simple and easy, yet so destructive and mischievous. After having fun swinging it around precariously close to other food and individuals, the flaming sugar bomb could then be blown out like a candle (and eaten too, if you were rebellious enough).

10 year old marshmallow.PNG10 year old marshmallow.PNG

Picking Up Trash

Some people’s children just never learned the decency of being litter-free. If you brought it with you, is it really that difficult to carry it back? Not only is it unsightly, it isn’t the best for Mama Nature. If you are one of those people who pick up their trash, thank you. If you are one of those people who also pick up other people’s trash, thank you.

snickers wrapper.PNGsnickers wrapper.PNG

Camping Gone Horribly Wrong

Life is beautifully unpredictable. No matter how much planning was done or who it was that planned it, Murphy’s Law takes action, and things that can and go wrong, do go wrong. But, there is grace in rolling with the punches and making it work regardless. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t look hilarious as a result.

camping trip horribly wrong.PNGcamping trip horribly wrong.PNG

Covid Keeping Me From Hiking

Rona. Enough said. Being sick in general can put anyone down. Once sick, people tend to have a lot of free time. That is not, however, time that can be used to go hiking. Hopefully when you are sick you get some rest and recuperate while your immune system does its job. What a terribly unfair world we live in.


Stinky Hiking Boots

Smells like adventure. Wear the stench like it is a badge of honor. You don’t get boots that stinky by sitting on the couch. Get outside and work up a sweat! Some will be worse than others and that is okay. Yes, there is medicine for that.

Genie Wishes

We have all fantasized about what we would wish for given the chance. It isn’t easy to choose. Wealth, peace, health, and an infinite number of other choices within the bounds provided by the Genie. This guy, however, clearly needs to calm down. Some people like to be outside in the rain and that it fine. But who could say no to sunny days forever?

wishing for rain.PNGwishing for rain.PNG

Noises Outside the Tent

Being outside, mingling with nature, you will inevitably hear noises. Most of these noises are pleasant. But somehow, once you are in a tent, those noises become increasingly suspicious. There’s no way to know what the source is unless you leave the comfort and protection of your sleeping bag to venture out into the unforgiving void of darkness with little more than a flashlight and untied boots. Know if you are camping in bear country!

what if its a bear.PNGwhat if its a bear.PNG

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