If you’re like me, you’ve grown up fascinated with all things adventure. I used to love sitting down and binge-watching movies like Indiana Jones. Something about his lifestyle always lured me back for more. Even still, I sometimes daydream about having a life like that. 

A life of thrilling adventure. One of the most incredible things I’ve learned is that there are real live Indian Jones’s worldwide. There are tons of people that live their lives exploring, learning, and going on adventure after adventure. 

Some, like Wim Hoff, push the limits of human capability. Others, like The Flying Frenchies, inspire others by finding new and exciting ways to experience life.

Mike Horn

Who is Mike Horn?

One of the people that has caught my eye recently is Mike Horn. Much like Indiana Jones, Mike Horn lives a life of adventure. Put simply, Mike Horn is a world-renowned adventurer, explorer, and all-out go-getter. Mike Horn speaks French and grew up in South Africa and currently lives in the Swiss Alps. 

Throughout his life, he has gone on 7 major expeditions, summited mountains around the world, and even been on several TV shows. He has a great website that can tell you everything about him. If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE to learn more.

Major Expeditions:

Amazon - 1997

Sunset over the Amazon River

In 1997 Mike set out on no small task. He wanted to cross the entire continent of South America… alone! He started the expedition from the Pacific Ocean, traveled to the Amazon River and proceeded over 4,000 miles to the Atlantic ocean! 

One thing I really like about Mike Horn is the fact that he shares his adventures with everyone he can. His YouTube channel is evidence of this. When it comes to the Amazon Expedition, Mike uploaded a few blogs where he talks about the experience and shows some of the things he went through. 

Check it out here.

Around The World

The Amazon expedition was intense, but in 1999 Mike took things a step further. He decided that he wanted to travel around the entire equator on a solo trip. But here is the catch: He wasn’t allowed to use any motorized help! His total journey took 18 months traveling by foot and using man-powered vehicles like kayaks and bikes.

The best part is, there is a whole documentary on YouTube that shows the expedition. Be warned, it is over an hour-long, but it’s worth the watch. I’ve put the video below just in case you are interested:

Braving the Cold

In Mike’s Career, he has been all over the world. That includes everything from the North Pole to the South… Literally. In 2002 Mike circumnavigated the Arctic Circle. In 2006 he traveled from Cape Artichesky, Russia, to the North Pole… at night! In 2017 Mike traveled Solo across Antarctica, and more recently, in 2019, he crossed the North Pole in 87 days.

It goes without saying, but Mike isn’t afraid to brave the cold. One of the most recent events to happen went viral last September. When Mike and one other decide to climb an iceberg, they get the surprise of their lives. If you haven’t seen it yet, It’s worth a watch; check it out!


Mike Horn has done many amazing, adventurous things with his life. This blog doesn’t even come close to highlighting all of his achievements. For a better look at all he has accomplished, check out his website.

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