1. The Happy Moose

Funny Moose Meme

Moose are arguably the most majestic animals found in North America. Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, they can also be a force of nature. Most moose have one big difference that the one pictured above, they don’t usually appear to be smiling.

Makes you wonder what the photographer was thinking while taking this photo. You’d need nerves of steel to keep it together and get the shot!

2. Fabulous Windy bird

fabulous windy bird

One of the eternal truths of exploring the outdoors is that you don’t get to choose the weather. Sometimes, the best we can do is hope that we look as good as this beautiful bird!

We like to think we look that fabulous, but let’s be honest, most of us end up looking like feral mountain people.

3. Tent Man

Man in tent costume

If only it were that easy. Can you imagine? What if every time you desired to camp you just had to shut your eyes and magically appear at a setup camp in the middle of the woods.

This isn’t quite that nice, but hey, the sentiment is there!

4. Cramped Spaces

Remember when Harry Potter tent scene? From the outside, the tent looks tiny, but when the characters enter, it’s the size of a house! If only camping tents worked like that!

Instead, we get to be nice and couped up in our little paper-thin walls. Still, though, they’re obviously not too uncomfortable, right? After all, we keep sleeping in them, don’t we? Besides, would a big nature house would only take away from really experiencing nature.

5. Hanging in the trees

Man duct tapped to a tree

If you really want to enjoy your outdoor time, don’t forget your hammock! There has got to be a great story to this image, but we can only guess as to what it is!

If you’ve never been on a hike, looked at some trees, and said “I wish we’d brought our hammocks” don’t worry, the time will likely come. You may even find yourself duct-taping yourself to a tree-, ike this guy did.

6. Burning Stuff

Man Burning Things With Joy

Deep inside each of us lies a 12-year-old boy. Watching things burn is an effective way of waking him and bringing him out. There’s just something about the beautiful, yet destructive power of fire.

This is especially true for men, but women can feel the desire for fire too. 

7. The End All Fix All

Man Pulling Tape Off Spool

Let’s be honest, Duct-Tape is one of the most versatile tools an outdoorsman can own. It can build shelter, help mend bones, and even help you catch some. Causes us to wonder about the yet undiscovered uses.

Seriously though, what experienced outdoorsman doesn’t carry at least a small role of tape in his pack?

8. The Effect of Getting outdoors

Spiders Webs Meme

The Facts Speak for themselves on this one. The bottom line is that the outdoors is simply good for the soul. Don’t believe us, you can always trust the spiders… right? Right?

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